Not long ago, a glass of chilled water in the summer was considered a luxury. It was a time before refrigeration, and it sparked an industry that for a while was the country’s third largest. In the late 1800s to the early part of the 20th century, ice harvesting was big business.

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Logging today is tough enough. 150 years ago it was a hell of a lot tougher. That was when men worked very long days for not-so-great wages, through cold, wet winters and scorching hot summers. They dropped huge trees and floated them down the river to the sawmills, while many were hauled with twin trains built for that specific purpose— and that still rest there today, a relic of a once flourishing trade.

It was a time when America was still in the building stages, and these were the men who broke their backs supplying the materials. The Abington Spring 2014 line is a tribute to them.

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